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Department of Mellon Scholars Abstracts

Note: abstract year = year research was performed.
Newest abstracts will be one year earlier than current year.

2011 A Revolution in American English: The Transformation of American Spoken Language from the 1940s to the 1970s
2011 Believing Versus Being and Living: The Correspondence Between Leo Tolstoy and Gandhi
2011 Creativity in Community: Using the Inklings as a Model for Collaborative Groups Today
2011 Dancing for Democracy: How Dance Influenced the Cultural Conversation of the Cold War
2011 History and Environmental Issues in the Lake Macatawa Watershed
2011 Reading, Writing, and Living the Revolution: Intertextual Conversation in Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California”
2011 Returning to the Roots: Urban Farming and Environmentalism in Detroit
2011 Still America’s Pastime: The Longevity of Baseball in U.S. Culture
2011 Sunyata and Kenosis: Examining the Forms of Emptying in Buddhism and Christianity Through the State of Suffering
2011 The Creative Process of Composer Clara Schumann
2011 The Hybridization of Peacekeeping: The United Nations Mission to Liberia Revisited
2011 The Yorkshire Moors in the Romantic Tradition: Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and J. M. W. Turner’s Frosty Morning
2011 Title: From 'Savage' to 'Civilized' and Back Again: White-Cherokee-African Relations from 1790 until 1861
2011 To Cure the Criminal: The Practice of Institutionalization in Asylum and Penitentiary History
2011 Tulips as Cultural Emblems in 17th-Century Netherlands
2011 Twins and Eugenics in the Holocaust
2011 Virginia Woolf’s Exploration of Bipolar Disorder in To the Lighthouse
2011 When Images and Words Collide: The Artist Book and Where the Wild Things Are
2011 “Songs from the Dark”: The Origins of German Romantic Opera and Its Ties to English Gothicism
2011 “Teasing with the Fumes”: Succèss de Scandale and the Reception of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton
2010 Americanization and the National Catholic War Council
2010 From Monster to Mainstream: Removing the Gothic from The Phantom of the Opera and Other “Monster” Narratives
2010 María de Zayas y Sotomayor: A Transnational Protofeminist in Seventeenth-Century Spain
2010 Mellon Scholars Program: Exploring Hope College’s Rare Book Room: A Treasure Trove of Resources for Students of Art History
2010 Mellon Scholars Program: Leonardo da Vinci, Francis I, and the Struggle for International Prestige in 16th-Century France
2010 Mellon Scholars Program: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the English Musical Renaissance: A London Symphony, “Who Wants the English Composer?”, and a New English Music
2010 Mellon Scholars Program: Thabo Mbeki’s African Renaissance: A Transformative Vision for African Development?
2010 Mellon Scholars Program: “Shakespeare’s Sister” – Victorian Women and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights Through the Lens of Elizabethan Drama